Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Stylish Blogger Award

I am more than honoured to receive this lovely Award from Patrice (Spring Blossom Musings):-
A big thank you goes out to everyone who checks into my blog and makes me feel special. I just love reading all the comments.

Now the rules are:

  1. That I thank and link to the person who passed the Award my way (waving to Patrice);
  2. Share 8 things about myself (had to scratch really hard here);
  3. Pass it on to 8 others (now there are so many lovely blogs but I only put 4); and
  4. Let them know about the Award (will do).

Okay where do I start:-

  1. Like Patrice, I have a few craft items still uncomplete (one day!!);
  2. I enjoy peace and quiet, but with 4 kids that is hard;
  3. I don't mind grocery shopping, but hate working out meals for the week;
  4. I am the most unco-ordinated person but this year I would like to try Zumba;
  5. After many "almost" attempts I finally signed up to Facebook;
  6. I really used to like the rain but after having so much of it the last few months, I dislike it!!
  7. I am very much a "homebody", and venture out once a week to grocery shop. Having a mischevious 3 year old can do that to you!!!
  8. The only thing I detest about school holidays is the covering of school books. I have many fights with the contact.

Now for the four bloggers I would like to pass this Award on to:-

  1. Karen T
  2. Tammy
  3. Jodene
  4. Fiona

Happy stamping,


Patrice said...

Haha I fight with the contact too Karen - pisses me right off. Luckily I only have one kid's books to cover!

Karen said...

ROFLOL - I can I jump on the 'I hate contact' band wagon too? That stuff is pure hell on books!


Tammy Hanlon said...

Thank you!!! for choosing me!
I am with the rest of you on the contact thing, truly is the pits!!

Fiona Platzer said...

Thank You so much I am honoured to receive it.
Thanks Fiona