Friday, January 29, 2010

In Full Bloom

I have finally managed to take some photos, edit them and get around to updating my poor neglected blog!!

Here are a set of cards that I had made over the holidays, which were inspired by a submission in the Stamping & Papercraft magazine (Vol. 13 No. 9). The ones in the magazine were submitted by a Hannah Butcher so I would love to give credit to her. The cards were absolutely gorgeous and once I saw them in the magazine I had to track down the two stamp sets used those being In Full Bloom and Winged Things. These sets go together just beautifully.

So without further ado here is my take on the cards:-
Not nearly as elaborate as the ones in the magazine but I still like them. The colours are definitely not my usual but once they were all together they came up a treat.
Hopefully now that two of my children are at school (one has finished and the other one hasn't started yet!!) I should be able to do a bit more creating.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

50 "Lolly Bags"...

Some time ago my lovely friend and neighbour asked me if I could make some "lolly" bags for her business promotions and I made these cute bags. The colours I used were Rose Red and Pumpkin Pie (the business colours). I had made some earlier versions of these but the colours where not quite right.

Here they are all lined up and ready to have the lollies added (unfortunately I didn't end up getting a photo of the end product).

I really must apologise for the unedited version of the photos!! Oh, dear don't look too closely at the horrible background. Must download some software.

Monday, January 11, 2010

100 Cards...

I finally managed to get back to this poor blog and even though it is a bit late I thought I would show you what 100 cards look like!!

I made these cards for Christmas presents for my mother and mother-in-law and ended up with 49 in one box and 51 in the other (a neat 100)!! The following photos are not that flash as my new laptop doesn't have photo editing software as yet.

Anyway here they all are (not the whole 100 as I did double-ups of most of the cards):-

The cards range from female/male birthdays, grandchildren and great-grandchildren birthdays to get well and sympathy as well. I then packaged them all up into cute little boxes and even made tabs inside so they were all in their respective categories. The boxes were then finished off with some chrissy ribbon and I also made a tag to go on top. In the end I was very happy with these and I know my mother-in-law was thrilled with hers (she rang me as soon as she received it in the post and thoroughly loved it).

Anyway, happy stamping everybody and hopefully I will get back here more often. I still have several cards to photograph when I can grab the camera from my daughter's clutches long enough to take some pics!!!