Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year and a New Blog

Well I thought it was about time my blog had a revamp and after much umming and aahing I finally decided on this style. What do you think? I ended up chopping and changing quite a few colours and elements and am happy with how it all came together in the end.

Now I thought I should have something to share after all this fiddling around today so I went through my card photo stash and decided on these cute post-it-note holders. These were quite a good market item.

I found some cute post-it-notes from my local Officeworks store so decided to decorate the covers accordingly.

Hopefully I will have something new to share for you soon. I hope to tackle the Just Add Ink challenge and am working on some Valentine's Day bits (not too far away!!).

Happy stamping,


Sandra said...

Your blog revamp looks fantastic Karen! Certainly worth the playing around :) Love the post it note holders too. Happy New Year!

Christine said...

WOW, the new blog looks awesome. I love the colours, very mod! I have also done these postit note holders and they sold well for us too, and so easy and fun to do hey. they all look great.

Patrice said...

Wow love it Karen! Definitely worth all the mucking around. Your text is easier to read too which is always a bonus :o)

Love your post it holders, very cute.

Happy new year!

Karen said...

HOLY COW!! You did sooooo well with the blog revamp! Love it and love your little post it notes too!