Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some Easter Baskets

I thought it was about time I showcased some Easter baskets I had managed to whip up. I ended up using two different designs, one fitting a small packet of little eggs and the other one three medium sized eggs.

This one here I made for my lovely friend, Karen Thomas, who spoilt me by the way, and believe it or not I still have three of the chocolates out of four, not bad if I say so. The kids haven't even managed to find them yet (even though they are in the fridge!!).

Here it is:-

This was such an easy basket to make and you can find the template here belonging to Mel Stampz. I changed mine a bit by not making it so fancy and also added a handle.

The next couple of baskets are using the same template and I made them for my lovely neighbour and her daughter and the other one I made for my husband's office girls. The poor girls were salivating over a "guess how many eggs" competition they have running at the moment so I thought I would put them out of their misery and give them ones they can actually eat!!!

This one is for my lovely neighbour, Jane, and her daughter.

Here is the one for the office girls.

The next two baskets I made for my son's teachers. They are made from Makeesha's tutorial which you can find here.

I must apologise for the "not so nice" pics as I was taking these photos at night and not with a very good light. As usual I was leaving things until the last minute as I wanted to hand them out today!!!

Well there we have it, my Easter basket treats, now to go and do my own Easter shopping!!


Karen said...

You have been such a busy girl! All my little eggs are gone now! lol

Love all those baskets - they came up a treat!


Jodene said...

All of your baskets are beautiful Karen, I am sure they will be very well received! Thanks for the link to that first one too, I really like that one so might have to make a couple of those.

Nikki Stalker said...

Gorgeous Karen. TFS