Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Card and a Can

You may recall a couple of posts back where I entered a Just Add Ink Challenge and made a cute little watering can which can be found here. Now I decided to make a few sets for Mother's Day and ended up making a card to match the watering can.

Here is the card:-Now I think the watering can looks more finished off now with a lovely card to match. As you can see I kept to the same colours and the same stamps with the card.

We have finally had a break in the weather and have enjoyed a few days with no rain and some very lovely sunshine. I have been itching to get into my poor neglected gardens and have spent most of my day pruning, weeding and re-planting so it now looks like it should, all nice and very green.

Well as I have mentioned before I am really looking forward to my new market stall which is coming up in May ready for Mother's Day so I have a month to do some more lovely items which I hope to share along the way. Well, I'm off to get my dinner out of the oven and feed the starving mob.

Happy stamping,


Patrice said...

You're right Karen, your card makes a gorgeous finishing touch with the little watering can - they look terrific together.

Hmmmm my garden needs some attention too...hopefully next weekend :o)

Treasure Queen said...

Oh I love the watering can, but I adore the sweet card to match! Great combo!

Vineyardstamper said...

both the card & watering can are just gorgeous.

Tammy Hanlon said...

Perfect, the card does just top it off, Will make a beautiful gift for some lucky Mum.

Karen said...

This is a really pretty little gift ensemble! Hope you made heaps of them cause I reckon they'll sell like hot cakes! lol