Monday, September 21, 2009

"Spooky" Cupcakes

My second son had a birthday last week, turning the big "10". I put on a party for him this year and he decided on a "Spooky" theme. I was getting a bit worried about how I would pull this off but after a visit to my local Spotlight store lo and behold they were stocked for Halloween!!! This made my day and I thought this spooky theme could just work.

Anyway, after having a chat to my lovely neighbour, who also is a very talented cake decorator, we decided to come up with "spooky" cupcakes. My lovely daughter made 24 cupcakes on Saturday and the three of us had a ball decorating them.

Here is the finished product:-

All 24 lovely cupcakes nicely iced and decorated with webs, spiders, bones and skulls. The cupcake papers have spiders on them as well.

Here is a close-up view:-

The little spooky things are made with icing that sets really hard, painted and sprinkled with edible glitter!! The kids thought these were just the best cakes ever. Too cool!! The party went really well and all thoroughly enjoyed the "spooky" theme. (However, I don't think Mum will be willing to put her hand up again for a party for quite some time!!!).


Karen said...

Oh wow!! You did a fantastic job with those cakes! So glad the party was a success!