Friday, July 31, 2009

Yay... finally!!

Yay, I can finally start updating my poor neglected blog. I managed to tie my DH down long enough to get my things off my old dead laptop and onto my new one!! Can't rush these big jobs.

Anyway, as promised in my previous blog I have something special to show you all. This is a "baby cake" I made for a friend's baby who was born at the beginning of June (a big welcome to the beautiful Isabella).
Here is the finished off cake, all tied up with ribbon. I filled each individual box with baby items such as bibs, singlets, cotton buds, cotton balls and all things baby.

This is a close up of each individual piece which I stamped the cute baby from "All in the Family". I also made scalloped flowers from the scallop circle punch.

Now for a top view of the cake with all 11 pieces in place. I was very happy with my first ever cake and it definitely had the WOW factor. My friend absolutely loved it so much she ordered one for her partner's daughter who had her baby just last weekend (yes, another girl so another pink one!!).

Here is a close up view of the scalloped flowers. I ended up putting brads in the middle to give it that nice finished off look.

Thanks for being patient and I hope it was worth the wait!!!


Karen said... jaw is on the ground and I can't pick it up! lol

This is just absolutely gorgeous!! I can see why you were commissioned to make another one!

There is alot of work in that - you should be SO happy with it!

Luv Karen

Karen said...

Just me again...........I just wanted to tell you AGAIN how lovely this is!! Its just so appealing to the eye and I keep having to scroll down and look at it! lol


nannyjkm said...

I have just seen this for the first time and I think it's wonderful. Is there a tutorial for it at all, anywhere.
Thankyou...Jane M