Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First Taste of Stamping

Before I was introduced to "Stampin' Up" I made cards through "Crafty Kids" (now known as Kaszazz). Over the next couple of weeks I will endeavour to post previous cards that I had made a few years ago. These were made at various classes that I had attended with friends. Although I can't quite remember all of the things used to make the cards I will try to do my best to explain them.

The first card was made using green and orange for a tropical feel. The cardstock used was Bazzill Basics (green and orange). The white cardstock was stamped with "Lines" and then stamped over with the leaf pattern. The "Frangipani" stamp was then stamped in orange twice and cut out to mount on top. Then the saying was stamped in black. The inside of the card was made as a pop-up "Aussie Thong Border" as the main feature. "Lines" and also the leaf pattern were used and another frangipani as well. The "Aussie Thong Border" was watercoloured then attached. "Just for You" was stamped in black. (Hope this all makes sense - as I said it was quite some time ago!!)

The next one also used the "Aussie Thong Border" which was watercoloured, cut out and then mounted on the front of the card. This card was done with blue and yellow cardstock with the yellow being teared. The white cardstock was stamped with "Lines" and layered on to the blue cardstock. Two blue brads were used as well. Quite a simple but effective card.


Karen said...

Hiya Karen - I love the stamps used for those cards - they're great! Kinda make me wish I was on some desserted island!lol

Look forward to seeing more cards from ya!